Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nigel Does Chester But Doesn’t Do Chocolate or Marmite!

Despite his night on the razzle in Chester Nigel was up with the lark to phone down to reception to enquire what was on the breakfast menu as he was a touch famished of an absolutely ravenous type nature …. we was informed that it was a full and robust English …. or a Continental, including spicy sausage if Sir so preferred …. however the lady was very sorry, but they didn’t have any Marmite in the little heart shaped plastic containers we all love so much when we are away……
The Mill Chester Breakfast Menu…… which Nigel duly noted for the TripAdvisor review he was going to write, with Darrell's help when he got home.
Compimentary Hotel Writing Pad The Mill ChesterOnce breakfast had been partaken with and before Nigel had to forge his passage back home he had a little time to have a quick look round Chester ….062He said he felt enveloped in hysteria history, as everywhere he looked was old and quintessentially English and romantic … what is he like?
Guided Tour ChesterHe said he had learned a bit about some history when he intermingled incognito amongst a group of Americans he recognised from breakfast at the hotel who were engrossed in a talk being given by a Roman Centurion …. however Nigel couldn’t help but notice that one of the American gentlemen in the group was a little distracted by a shop to his right …..066… And Nigel said that the aforementioned American gentleman had good reason to be distracted, as the shop in question was Rococo Chocolates which was the poshest establishment of a confectionary type nature that Nigel had ever stood outside, so posh in fact that even Nigel with all his bravado said he just wouldn’t have dared go in …..61I1n nrqiL._SS160_…… especially when he saw that the hand painted chocolate lobster he had had his eye on would have set him back a cool £19.35!
029….. when he weighed it all up Nigel came to the conclusion that he’d have eaten the lobster just as quickly as he would have eaten a Twix costing just 45p ….. so it would have been a bit of a waste of his pocket money ……  a posh chocolate lobster or twenty one Twix’s ….. it was no brainer!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Love Chester - a fine place to be - and I agree a twix is so much better. You eat all the caramel off first before you eat the biscuit. What could you have done with the lobster?
janthefan x
p.s. I am enjoying the tweets from darrell btw! x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the Marmite...a little heart shaped container sounds like an extra special treat.....that lobster might have been a real challenge to eat....Nigel's having a true historical experience complete with chocolate!...Dianne

marc said...

it sounds like a great trip a lobster in full make up how great is that big love marc

Mr.D said...

Dianne - hysterical experience more like. I hope the paint on the lobster was safe and not lead based.

Anonymous said...

I went to Chester today too :) had a fab time. You can see my pics on I did not get to stay in a posh hotel though! Looks like Nigel was a very lucky monkey

LOve JohnnyB