Friday, 10 August 2012

Vinnie–Games Maker For London 2012–Assigned To The Aquatics Centre.

NBC Studio London 2012Vinnie has been lingering surreptitiously outside the NBC Today studio in the Olympic Park in the hope that perhaps he could get into shot for our very dear friend Dianne, Florida to spot him …
NBC Today London 2012 Everything about America is soooooo romantic to us …. just being in the vicinity of anything NBC would give us mahoooosive goosebumps!!
Ryan Locht interviewed for NBC Today London 2012Anyway, Vinnie says if you look at the picture above VERY carefully, the gentleman in the grey t-shirt sitting down in the studio behind him, is ONLY swimmer Ryan Lochte being interviewed LIVE….. how brilliant is that? We are going to look on YouTube to see if we find the clip and see if we can spot Vinnie! 
Games Maker 2012 Reward And Recognition Pin BadgeVinnie’s Games Maker 2012 Reward and Recognition card is now filling up very nicely and he has been awarded a Games Maker pin badge ….
Games Maker Reward and Recongition Bronze Award London 2012….. and a Bronze coloured award for his services….. Vinnie says that these badges will definitely not be traded …. no matter what he is offered ….. they will be treasured forever.
Gloriana And finally Vinnie’s last picture for today is of him posing by Gloriana …. the Jubilee rowboat that is now moored by the Water Polo Arena and in which Sir David Beckham OBE, MBE, CBE and all round gorgeous and tasty bloke (according to the ladeeeees, that is ….) transported the Olympic flame for the Opening Ceremony.  As our visit  to The Olympic City approaches it is very doubtful that we will be able to contain our excitement for very much longer!!  We are so effervescent our bubbles cannot be popped!


marc said...

boys your going to have such a fab time in london we cant wait to meet up Hugh has been having his knick knacks polished all week and has been rearanging his objects de art in a hello mag sort of way he is very excited that you are comming to his humble home he is of to have his hair done to day in a justin beba sort of wave big love marc and a massive show biz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

Vinnie you look so very handsome and officially Olympic in your GB red and blue attire and those FAB-U-LOUS pins and badges! Believe me, I assure you we have been scanning the screen VERY CAREFULLY for any sight of you!! My eyes have been glued to the action during synchronized swimming and anything aquatic, but we don't get all of it, It seems to be edited, My BIG wish would be for the NBC crew to get ALL of you..You and Marc and Hugh will be having the most fantastic unforgettable London time ever!! Love you..Dianne
PS..wasn't Davis Beckham the perfect picture piloting the boat with the torch?? Almost a little James Bondish in a most handsome way!

Anonymous said...

Also, Big Mahoooosive Congratulations to Vinnie for the Games Maker pin badge so deserved for his dedicated services; he has so much to be proud of!..Dianne

Mr.D said...

I hope Hugh didn't overly polish his nick nacks.
Have a great time with Marc and Hugh - I'm sure they will show you some wonderful sights, some of which one would not see in the streets of Wolverhampton.