Thursday, 2 August 2012

We’ve Found Gok!

Since we have become the men of the house, we have had to step up to the cooking plate as it were, and  help in providing healthy and nutritious meals on a whole new level, chez nous …. …………. and in that process ....we have found Gok ….
Gok-Wan-and-noodles-008….. and we love and adore him with an almost religious flavour fervour!
Gok Cooks ChineseEach day we meticulously plan and then try out a new recipe from his book, after we’ve watched his programme for the umpteeth time, (we have set it to record so we never miss a minute)  And ....... if we could be so bold ….. we think we are getting quite good at it …. in fact, at the weekend, Tom and the Lovely Laura declared that our Twice Cooked Melting Belly Pork was of restaurant standard …. which made us feel sooooo proud in  a swelling heart type nature.
Gok Cooks Chinese.We have found that robustly chopping things up into really tiny, tiny, weeny pieces ….
Gok Cooks Chinese Book….. for example Gok’s “Three Degrees” of garlic, spring onions and ginger …. (which, to be honest were strangers in our pantry before we found the aforementioned Mr Wan) both cathartic and an emotional laxative.
Gok Cooks Chinese Book.So fermented fervent about Gok and his cooking have we become that Darrell is making a special trip to Birmingham tomorrow in order to purchase all the Chinese comestibles that we can’t source locally in Wolverhampton like fermented black beans …. which is soooooo and tooooooo exciting!
Gok Wan scarfHe is also on a mission to look for some mahooooosive wool so that we can knit a “Gok” scarf for each of us…… we wonder if we could knit them on chop sticks instead of needles???!!!


Anonymous said...

Chopsticks are very close to knitting needles - just don't try knitting a gok style scarf with noodles!!!
I love this blog and so therefore thought it best to share your good news with Gok on twitter! Hopefully he will take a sneaky peak!!!!!

Jelly said...

We all found Gok at work about a month ago. I can recomend the money bag dumplings and the prawn chowmein- but it works with anything you want to throw in. My stir fry's haven't been the same since we found Gok. Enjoy xxxx

Mr.D said...

A "cathartic and an emotional laxative." As long as the food isn't an emetic too.

Prior to the Olympic football, we had a meal in Chinatown in Newcastle yesterday - superb. I love black bean sauce.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! you have taken me to a whole new gourmet/epicurean world I was unaware of.....have not been familiar with Gok's kitchen artistry..where have I been???...your dedication and obvious competence having mastered those culinary skills is impressive for certain as you travel this new road to health and well of luck with the will look so fashion forward when autumn and cold weather come round...Dianne

marc said...

heis a god when it comes to good healthy chines home cooked traditional food and with great style to we to are fans of all things GOK and to top it all he is a very nice man to big love marc

Allie Jolliffe said...

So not only is Gok a genius of fashion, but he is also a God in the world of Chinese style comestibles! I had no idea! I shall make a robust search for his book on amazon forthwith! Goktastic!