Saturday, 4 August 2012

Vinnie Games Maker For London 2012–Assigned To The Aquatics Centre and Friend To Olympians!

Team GB Womens Water Polo TicketOn Monday evening Vinnie and Auntie Jan were mahooosively over the moon when they managed to obtain the hottest tickets in town for the Team GB v Russia Women’s Water Polo. 
ChloeBut…. what made the whole occasion even more exciting was the fact that they went with the Willcox Family, whose daughter/sister is only  Chloe Wilcox who plays at No. 2 for the team.  How Brilliant is that?
Chloe Willcox Water Polo FamilyVinnie said that all Chloe’s brothers had their faces painted with the Union Jack and wore morph suits or Union Jack onzies. They caused such a stir on route that EVERYONE wanted to have their photos taken with them …. and it was such a thrill for Vinnie to be part of the Olympic buzz, atmosphere and pre-match build up.
London 2012 Water Polo ArenaAnd it didn’t stop there …..
London 2012 Womens Water Polo Team GB…… when they got to the pool Chloe’s brothers revved up the crowd leading a robust audience participation of clapping, stomping and chanting …. Vinnie said once more he was overcome by the goosebumps.
Team GB Water Polo London 2012It was a very closely fought battle, Chloe scored,  which caused mass apoplexy and unbridled emotion amongst her family  ……
Chloe Wilcox Olympics Day 3 Water Polo q4phfmZZZv_l…. but as Vinnie put it philosophically yet very sadly, there could only be one winning team …. and unfortunately for Team GB it was Russia who were the 7 – 6 this time.
Chloe Willcox Womens Water Polo team London 2012After the match Vinnie was invited “backstage” by the Willcox Family to meet Chloe and congratulate her and Team GB on their magnificent performance …. Up close and personal with an Olympian, it just doesn’t get any better than that, especially when the aforementioned Olympian signed the flag that her mum Margaret had made for Vinnie as a souvenir of the evening.
Chloe Willcox water Polo team London 2012It just gets betterer and betterer …….. all it needs now is for Vinnie to bump into Paul McCartney on his way to practice his set for the closing ceremony …… Let it Be!!!


Mr.D said...

Wow - mixing with an Olympian and her family. There are some great photos on Zimbio too.
Are they wearing ear protectors?

Anonymous said...

What a special treat to add to those great Olympic memories....that flag is one fantastic Olympic souvenir!...Dianne

marc said...

living the dream living the life well done vinny go team jan big showbiz wave Hugh and marc

Anonymous said...

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