Saturday, 4 August 2012

Vinnie’s Vignettes –Games Maker for London 2012–Assigned To The Aquatics Centre–Little Tits Bits From His Days ….

Vinnie is seriously thinking about getting his hair restyled (if he gets any free time to do so) as he has been feeling robustly ordinary working next to one of his fellow Games Makers ….. who has the Team GB Lions Head logo shaved and coloured on his head ……. Olympiadtastic!
Games Makers Lions Head
And …… Vinnie has also got himself a new best friend in Trunks the Team GB Swimming Mascot
London 2012 Swimming Mascot Trunkie


Mr.D said...

Trunks has a trunk - does he wear a pair too?
I don't have enough hair to shave anything into it!

Anonymous said...

Second thoughts that probe this major hairstyle change might be a good idea before anything is shaved headwise...might look like a bit of a mess while growing cute mascot friend!....Love Vinnie's Olympic just know he belongs in the very heart of any and all Olympic happenings....Love..Dianne

Christine said...

Just love Trunks. He made me laugh!