Monday, 20 August 2012

Forgotten Fortune Cookies ….. Refound …. With Hilarious…. Erm Consequences!!

Fortune CookiesWhen we unpacked our suitcase after our London visit …. we found, in one of the side compartments,  the Fortune Cookies we’d been given as we left the restaurant we had so happily nomed at  in China Town. At the time we thought we’d keep them for when we were in need of a whimsical and/or poignant moment …. , but to be honest we’d forgotten all about them …… until we re-found them ….
Fortune Cookies.Darrell “smashed” his first …. and the wise words inside declared that you should “Always read the small print” …. but that’s all well and good unless,  like me, you don’t have your reading glasses with you at the time, in this case the small print was so small that Darrell with his perfect A3 and A4 vision had to read it out to me!
Fortune Cookie WisdomNigel’s wise words were a little more confusing as they were simply “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook” which we thought was an mid-afternoon cookery programme for TV personalities whose fame had faded a bit.
Kochmuffel…. However, it was the German translation of “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook” that made Darrell laugh so hard he couldn’t breath ….. or see, as tears were running down his face…..
Cant Cook Wont Cook….. To be honest I am not entirely convinced that Darrell’s  pronunciation of the word was entirely correct, as to my knowledge Darrell is a stranger to the German language …. but let’s just say in his interpretation he changed the “ch” sound into a “ck” sound …… and I fear that  a new word/phase has entered our kitchen vocabulary until the novelty wears off…………….. !!


tilly said...

I see happy moments in the kitchen... speaking German while cooking Chinese! lol
what are the boys like!


lynne said...
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lynne said...

Oh my goodness the image that word is conjuring up in my head is of a knitted cold weather item for gentlemen in kilts! Sorry!!!!

Anonymous said...

My! Your horizons are broadening in all directions!! Darrell with a show biz do (looking good!), language translations that inspire all sorts of ideas, we can only wonder what is next? Good times just keep coming and your days are so much fun all round !! ....Dianne

marc said...

made me smile have you got a new hairstylist your looking very shorditch so down with the flow your sick big showbiz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Is a kochmuffel something to keep a certain part of the anatomy warm or to keep it quiet?