Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wolves 3–Barnsley 1

We won …. we won …. we won!  I admit I got so excited and shouted and sang so robustly ….. that I no longer have a voice,  just a high pitched and most unmanly squeak, but it was so wonderfully worth it!
Wolves 3 Barnsley 1Tom said I’ll have to go every week now, as long as I don’t ask stupid questions …… (see below) as I seem be a bit of a lucky charm …. but I think it was my lucky pants, socks and vest that really did it.Wolves v BarnsleyThe new Stan Cullis Stand looked both magnificent and romantic, it’s just a pity that Andy never got to see it, which made me feel a bit sad, but I was there to embrace it for him.Minesweeping at WolvesI think only let myself down once, and that was when I asked Tom why they were sweeping for mines on the pitch before the bully off …. he tutted (a bit like Lucy does sometimes) and told me to suck on my glacier fruits (quietly)!
Wolves v Barnsley.We all shared a rampantly buoyant mood as we left the Molineux ….. dreaming of the matches and victories that were to come ….. and perhaps going up again soon…….???
Wolves v Barnsley..….. My mind also wandered to the mahooosive beefburger, with extra fried onions and a dollop of tomato sauce  that would be in my tummy by the time we got back to the car ….. nom, nom, nom,  and the gentle lilt of Hi Ho Wolverhampton ringing in my ears!


Anonymous said...

Darrell do not be embarrassed about asking that question to Tom about the men sweeping for mines. When I first saw this unusual behaviour at St James Park I thought the men had won a competition to play golf on the hallowed turf. Hmmmmm............
p.s. I bet Andy was watching that match on the big TV screen in the sky. x

marc said...

i am lost its football dont have a clue about it but if it makes you happy then its good by me big love marc

Anonymous said...

You came, you saw, and you conquered! Then top that off with a mahoosive beefburger and WOW! It doesn't get any better than that! ....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Going up again soon? Up where?
Up town?
Up the junction?
Up a gum tree?
Up a creek without a paddle?
Up xxxx creek?
Did Steven Fletcher play?