Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Giant Kinder Surprise …..

In all the excitement of yesterdays April Fools Day jape …. I almost forgot to show you the pictures of what ensued after we had finished partaking in our very acceptable Easter Sunday lunch ….. As I always say …. when Darrell and Nigel go quiet, they are generally up to something and Sunday was no exception ……….. especially as the seasonality of the day gave them even more scope of a high jinx and the like type nature ……
wrapped up like an easter egg….. anyways up  …. between them, they both decided that it would be absolutely hilarious if they wrapped up Nigel as giant surprise Kinder Egg …….
Easter Egg Monkey
What are they like
What are they lie?
A very happy easterI have to admit to being a little dubious about tucking into the chocolaty comestible after Nigel’s “comedic” insertion, however Darrell assured me that Nigel had washed and showered robustly before his aforementioned insertion,  thus eliminating any possible health, safety and hygiene issues ….. hmmmm ….. !!


Mr.D said...

A Nigel Easter egg would sell like hot cross buns.

Dianne said...

No end to what those two are up to...but that was a brilliant idea!!....Nigel looks positively adorable tucked into the egg....those magical big brain waves make the day for many of us!.....Dianne

marc said...

it would make any ones easter to get a Nigel in there egg those boys are such fun big showbiz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...