Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Catching Up On Matters Of Import

Darrell and Nigel like to take advantage of the free copy of the Metro newspaper on their early morning bus ride to work, to peruse and familiarise themselves with world events and articles of great import for further debate should a pertinent a subject arise  ……
Reading the Metro….. while Nigel is going about his sauce rotation and ice cream spatula  distribution duties in his beloved kitchen and Darrell is  busy shredding documents of a confidential nature ….. However,  where Darrell’s favourite regular feature “Rush Hour Crush” quite fits in I don’t know ……….


Mr.D said...

I assume "Secret Crush" isn't a new flavoured drink.
Has Darrell written to the paper about a special lady?

Anonymous said...

Darrell does have an enquiring mind and that can lead anywhere! Hmmmm...Is there something behind that particular interest? He does keep us guessing.....Dianne