Monday, 8 April 2013

Nigel Caught In The Act?

Bilbrook daffodils.Bilbrook Dafs
Well, it seems that Spring has finally sprung in our village and the daffodils on the kerbside opposite Castle Greysquirrel have begun to bloom, and most romantic they look too.
Daffodils wolverhamptonHowever, I was a little suspicious when I found Nigel, staring dreamily at a daffodil in his room …..
looking at daffodills……  especially as we don’t have any daffs in our garden for him to pick, and having just one daffodil seemed rather random ….
picking daffodils…. so I decided to probe him surreptitiously ….. to ascertain where this rouge flower had come from …..
fallen DaffodilHe said that he had noticed,  whilst walking past with all due innocence,  that the aforementioned daffodil had fallen onto the path, its stem broken, before having a chance to reach it’s full potential and that he really didn’t think anyone would mind if he picked it for his room …. as it was so beautiful, even in its bedraggled state ……
caught picking daffodils…… and the proceeded to beg me not to hand him into the police, as he didn’t think he could  cope being locked up with thieves, murderers and vagabonds! I told him not to worry my lips were sealed, as it was a humanitarian act,  but he shouldn’t make a habit of picking flowers from the kerbside ….. bless him!


Mr.D said...

I wonder if the police surgery only fixes humans. Maybe they could have repaired the flower too.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree - bless him. We'll overlook this youthful enthusiasm just this once. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Poor Nigel, doing a good deed and then having such a painful reckoning.....hoping he can enjoy his beautiful golden daffodil even if it isn't a whole host of daffodils.....not to worry, little one....Dianne

Sarah S said...

Poor Nigel! Well done for rescuing it from an almost certain trampling! x