Thursday, 11 April 2013

Oh Ye Of Little Faith …..

I have to admit that both Darrell and I had given up on Nigel’s Poo bear a long time ago,  thinking that all he would ever grow would be mould and cause heartbreak for Nigel …….
006….. however Nigel never gave up, constantly checking for any miniscule change, (no matter how minuscule), watering him with gay abandon and talking to him every day, encouraging him to grow.
poo bear grass headSo imagine the enormous yelps and yells yesterday morning emanating from Nigel and the kitchen of Castle GreySquirrel   when Poo Bear finally decided to sprout forth ……
poo bear. grass head…… producing two very long shoots, which must have burgeoned through the stocking material during the night …..
grass head bear“Oh ye of little faith …. ” tutted Nigel “ ….. a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” ?????????
poo bear grass head.What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Suspiciously fast growth.
Either Nigel has been talking nineteen to the dozen to Poo Bear or Mum, Monkey or Darrell have been up to their tricks.

Anonymous said...

Nigel has the faith that moves mountains and brings forth sprouting!! It must have been Nigel's words of encouragement and cuddles that caused Poo bear to huff and puff and sprout.....Poo has my attention wondering what will be forthcoming......Dianne

marc said...

he is a bear of very long hair maybe its a Homer simpson comb over bear big love marc

Di said...

Crumbs - if that's gonna be the length of the 'sproutings' I suspect Poo Bear could end up being renamed Poo Yeti! Hugs, Di xx