Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Nigel’s Poo Progress

Nigel’s Poo is becoming positively hirsute …..grass head….. and I think we have to put his rather sluggish sprouting down to his being a very slow but measured burner in the growth department!
grass head.But,  Nigel’s due diligence, robust faith and continued care have been an example to us all! And indeed,  there still appears to be more ensuing growth to come,  as there are tiny shoots still erupting,  some in regions of quite a delicate type nature!!
poo bearNigel is now contemplating the possibility of having to give Poo a snip or two, but after waiting soooooooo long for this moment he has decided to delay it a little longer, perhaps to a time where Poo’s eyes and nose are no longer visible!  He has also been wondering if some of Poo’s foliage could possibly be incorporated and entwined  in his bouquet and headdress when he performs his “bridesmaid” duties at Tom and Laura’s impending nuptials ……. oh my life ….I can just imagine the Lovely Laura’s face when he fields this one at her!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Those scissors look like garden shears in Nigel's hands.
Should he be let loose with them? Poo could get the unkindest snip of all, by accident, by Nigel, by gum.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It definitely needs a trim! I wonder if it will grow hair anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Poo is busting out all over! Will be a bit tricky and require the utmost in artistic design to incorporate Poo's foliage in any way with Nigel's wedding ensemble.........Dianne

marc said...

poo is bursting out all over dont have a nice ring to it lol in fact it put me of my tea lol big love marc