Thursday, 4 April 2013

Nigel’s Gets His Boots Mixed Up

You may recall (from all of yesterday) that Nigel made a considered purchase of a Dora the Explorer, “novel” as he likes to call his books, for 5p from the Easter Monday Fair ….. called Dora Loves Boots …..
Dora Loves BootsNow, it’s hard to believe I know ….. but when Nigel settled down to read his aforementioned “novel” he was very disappointed and not a little confused ….
Dora loves boots. …… because he really was under the impression that it would be a “novel” about Dora’s love for and adventures when shopping in Boots The Chemist ….. which was, he assumed, her shop of choice ….. especially as in most of the illustrations Dora could be seen carrying an ample shopping basket for what Nigel presumed would be her considered purchases of a pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic type nature!  
21230560….. His expectation was high for riveting tales of bubble bath perusal, refunds or exchanges without a receipts, or Dora’s need for  assistance from the Pharmacist when selecting the best cough syrup for her tickly and irritating cough  ….  hopefully with hilarious consequences ……
Nigel reads dora loves boots…… and not the story about Dora’s “charming” Valentines Day with a monkey called Boots! Oh Nigel ….. sometimes I wonder what planet he is on …. he did finish his book novel ….. but I don’t think it will be one of his well thumbed, much requested at bedtime ones!


Anonymous said...

You win some, you lose some. Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all as Helen Keller once said - so I'm led to believe. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Poor Nigel.
And it isn't about Dora's penchant for kinky boots? I feel a song coming on.

marc said...

His novel was still a good buy at 5p and i am sure he can redonate it at a later date or may be swap it a school with one of the young ladies who might enjoy it big love marc

Dianne said...

Oh me, Nigel, life can be confusing and our expectations and hopes dashed....but a fun book, nonetheless....Here in the US, our Target stores have a Boots section.....yep, it is a selection of your British Boots products....the header over several rows has a big Boots sign...mostly beauty products....Dianne