Sunday, 14 April 2013

Darrell Escorts A Lady …..

Last night Darrell escorted a special lady, with a penchant for attractive gentlemen in dinner suits and deep booming voices, to see Il Divo, however Darrell also has a mahoooosive penchant for Katherine Jenkins … so it really was a win win situation.
Champagne and wine were flowing, but Darrell was a little disappointed that both were served in plastic glasses …… he said that he found it a little unbecoming as he had wanted it to be a sophisticated evening, which is why he had left all thought of taking his usual family sized bag of Revels, his concert comestible of choice, firmly at home!
….. Darrell had also offered to treat his lady companion to an Il Divo shopping bag …. but she politely refused,  saying that there was no way she could carry her spuds and Activia yoghurts home in a bag that portrayed her “Beloved Sebastien”,  it would be so very, very wrong.
Darrell said that Il Divo did not disappoint and his companion had squealed robustly but in a very discreet and tasteful manner several times during the evening   …..
And as for Katherine Jenkins?  …..
It’s true love I am afraid! …. Darrell just sighed and declared that she can certainly carry off a posh tune and a sequined frock! Oh dear …. I feel another celebrity crush coming on!!


Anonymous said...

Darrell is looking very much the sophisticated gentleman enjoying a night on the town!! He is a natural at this.....Escorting a special lady, champagne,(glass or crystal champagne flutes would have been more desirable , and to top it off, Darrell's heart doing flip flops once again for a beautiful lady.....can't wait to see what happens next.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

So who is this "special lady?"
I haven't heard of Il Divo but know of the gorgeous Katherine Jenkins. I wouldn't class her as an opera singer but she sounds good when her voice is amplified.
Mrs. D and I have just returned from an opera - Verdi's Rigoletto where the singers project their voices over an orchestra without the need of loudspeakers.
Anyway - has Darrell got a special lady or has he only got eyes for Ms. Jenkins?

marc said...

i am with Darrell she does look a Darling in a glittery frock and she is so lovely in person she has a bit of a crush on me (but they all do mer mortals cant help them selfs when it comes to my dashing looks outstanding allround talent and humble charm ) i taught them boys all they know about useing the whole stage and how to make their smiles sparkle before they would group up like frightend schoolboys performing on a school stage, they have come so far since then with my help and telephone advice BIG SHOWBIZ WAVES AND DARLING AIR KISSES HUGH ............. HUGH remember what i have told you about being humble and over egging the pudding pride before a fall ect ect sorry about Hugh but his having a rest at the momment( no work on his agent has not called in a week ) so he needs to keep ressuring himself he still has it big love marc

Mr.D said...

I'm sure both Hugh and Marc have got it big time.