Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ding Dong … Avon Calling!

A new Avon Lady called at Castle Grey Squirrel yesterday to introduce herself to us and drop in the latest Avon catalogue perchance we should like to make a considered purchase …….
Avon Solution….. oh,  and she also furnished Darrell with several samples of Avon Solutions Freshest Pure scrub/mask/ cleanser to try after he informed her that, despite his happy go lucky, devil may care demeanour, he was in fact a martyr to his complexion …..
Avon Skin Care…… since then, we have seen or heard very little of him, as he has ensconced himself firmly in the bathroom trying out the aforementioned samples on his aforementioned complexion …..  heaven help me!


Mr.D said...

Is he a new man, a metrosexual or something else?

Anonymous said...

A catalogue and samples....bound to keep Darrell's attention for quite a while!....he truly is a martyr to maintaining his fab good looks!!...Dianne

Anonymous said...

His care definitely pays off with that clear complexion!