Monday, 15 April 2013

Darrell Gets “His Back To Work” Haircut!

Darrell likes to get his hair cut before he goes back to work after a holiday and so took himself off to Zak’s in Wolverhampton, his hairdresser of choice,  where the lovely Casey always looks after him.
Zaks WolverhamptonAbove - Darrell as he went in to Zaks…..
Zaks Wolverhampton.While waiting for the aforementioned Lovely Casey to finish her last client, Darrell availed himself of the latest style magazine and perused its contents, but decided that in the end he would be advised by Casey, as she knew his forelocks and fetlocks, and which way his hair fell almost as well as he did.
Zaks Hairdressers Wolverhampton016
For someone who spends an awful long time in front of the mirror, Darrell says that he doesn’t actually like being sat in front of a mirror looking at himself in a public place …. so it was a relief when he was asked if he would like a coffee to distract him from studying his imperfections.  Darrell says that the cappuccino at Zak’s is to die for as it’s always very frothy with sprinkles, and they give you one of those posh biscuits in a cellophane wrapper …..
Beauty At ZaksAbove Darrell with his new haircut
Darrell and Casey nattered away ten to the dozen about what they had been up to and when she asked him if he had any holiday plans …… well,  he never shut up, telling her about our Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday to Last Vegas (as he and Nigel like to call it)  …… and how he’d been watching a programme on tele called Las Vegas Police to help him get a flavour of the place …….. what is he like?
Anyway, Darrell left Zaks feeling like a new man ….. his hair neat and coiffed, a far cry from the birds nest that he went in with …… Casey really is a miracle worker!
And …….  you too could have hair like Darrell’s and a posh coffee and biscuit at the same time ………………


Anonymous said...

Always on trend is Darrell. Hope they had a good assistant on hand to sweep up all those locks - wonder if the hairdressers sell them on - some do I'm lead to believe. And if they know that Darrell is nearly a celebrity in the making they might keep the locks under lock and key. Then they can make their fortune when he is on the front of Hello magazine doing his London lounging and sell the afore mentioned locks on ebay.
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Do Zaks just do monkeys? Do they do other animals such as humans? What about dogs? Have you met Zak?

marc said...

is this hair cut like the fairytale the empoures new cloths can only fools not see what a difference in style there is only asking as i can Big show biz wave Hugh ...i think marc is having trouble pinpointing the style

Anonymous said...

Obviously more that an ordinary cut...a true personal styling of the best kind....Fab in every way...Dianne

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