Friday, 26 April 2013

Not Really Our Cake Of Choice

With so many nuptials in the air at the moment chez Castle Greysquirrel it’s hard to avoid anything that does not have a theme of a wedding type nature at the moment ….
grey wedding cakeHowever, as we have heard very little about the cake that the newly wedded couple will be cutting into with their ceremonial sword, to wit Tom’s He Man sword from when he was a little boy ….. could we just point out to the Lovely Laura that we are not overly enamoured by one of the cakes at present on display in our local cake shop ….. the flowers may be exquisite but the dark grey icing ……………. no!!  In our very humble opinion a cake such as this could be an horrendous marital faux pas …. as no one would want to find a piece from the  grey layer, wrapped in a serviette at the bottom of their party bag amongst the toffees, balloon, mini clackers, stretchy frogs and other such wedding paraphernalia ….. seriously no nom nom, I am afraid ….. !!!


Mr.D said...

Instead of a plastic "happy couple" on top of the cake, why not an "ecstatic solo Nigel" instead?

Anonymous said...

Oh indeedy no no no - grey must go!!! Makes me shudder. It's a bit like black bridesmaid's dresses - (I sincerely apologise to any readers who had their bridesmaid in black) - this is just my own personal preference you understand.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

A grey cake might suggest an association with a grey day; not especially a pleasant happy many beautiful colours in the rainbow for the nuptial couple's matrimonial blissful memories...Dianne

marc said...

no to the grey cake i myself dont like wedding cake or christmas cake in fact any thing with deadflys in my friend had a profritte roll towers filled with all different flavoured creams it was yummy big love marc

Anonymous said...

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