Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Insey Winsey ………

bathroom spiderThere has been a mahoooosive spider in the upstairs bathroom which precipitated Darrell’s insisting that all his ablutions would have to be done in the downstairs shower room until it had been removed ….. as, he is a martyr to his phobia of creatures of an eight legged type nature.
climbed the water spoutBut,  for Nigel  the spider was a source of much awe and wonder …… spider in the bathroom….. he spent hours just following it round the bathroom,  and even christened it Charlie ….. what is he like?
Insy Winsy spiderHowever, knowing how Darrell’s nerves were in tatters at Charlie’s very presence ….. Nigel used the situation to his advantage, agreeing to put Darrell out of his misery by removing Charlie from the bathroom … and into the safety of the garage …….
I love spiders…… in exchange for a a Twix and the sample of Wilderness aftershave the Avon Lady had left Darrell last time she dropped off her catalogue!


Anonymous said...

That's ma boy! JantheFan

Mr.D said...

In Mexico it is "Itsey witsey spider."
We had a couple of scorpions in the apartment when we moved in.

Anonymous said...

Good thinking , Nigel! Good old Charlie with all of nature's awe and wonder brought forth a fair trade with Darrell!! You are going to be irresistible wearing that aftershave....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Very brave and very clever Nigel!

marc said...

stephan and rick have pulled up their skirts and a screaming blue murder as we talk shame on them its only a little thing, i my self am likeing nigels bargining skills the after shave sounds so manly and expensive i must get a sample big show biz wave Hugh do they need a face to go with this high class product

Anonymous said...

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