Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Possible Addition To Tom And The Lovely Laura’s Wedding Present List?

Since Darrell has been immersed in everything “London Style” under the expert tutorage of our friend and fashioista Hugh, who lives La Vida Showbiz in Notting Hill, he has developed a very keen sense of decor both  dans la maison and dans le jardin …..
Darrell Monkey….. which is most fortuitous just now as finding an elegant and sophisticated wedding present for Tom and the Lovely Laura has been been very much at the forefront of our minds recently ….. August may seem like a long way away, but we like to plan well ahead and DON’T want to let our side of the family down by presenting the bethrothed couple with a gift of questionable and unpardonable taste ………
Asda Giant GnomesSo,  when Darrell spotted these giant 3-4ft garden gnomes in Asda (£25), it gave us all much to ponder upon ….. they certainly ticked a lot of boxes for what a young and modern affianced couple might be looking for,  when wanting to feather  their “nest” with beautiful things …….Giant Asda GnomeWe can imagine the  apres wedding scene now as The Lovely Laura’s face lights up with a robust delight as she and Tom unwrap our rather impressive,  mahooosive  and much considered gift …….!!!
Asda Giant Gnome £25However, enamoured as he was …. Darrell said that perhaps we should put a small smorgasbord of a list together,  noting all possible suggestions before making our final decision ….. as we really would hate to make an awful faux pas of a matrimonial harmony type nature!


Mr.D said...

Hugh lives la vida shobiz but Darrell and Nigel live la vida loca, or is ot la vida local?

tilly said...

Darrell has his finger firmly on the pulse of what every newlywed couple would be delighted with! How does he do it??

Anonymous said...

I hope those gnomes, or Darrell come to that matter, have not viewed the recent Ikea gardening advert concerning gnomes. I was shocked and horrified, how very could they??? I might have to report them to The Royal Society for the Protection of Garden Gnomes. There should be a disclaimer before it starts, This advert could upset gardeners of a sensitive type nature - never mind what it must do to any gnomes who see it!
JantheFan x

marc said...

the thing with Gnomes is they go from being so massive camp on trend in a retro kitch way to being in the next breath so un trend and to put it blunt naff that why every one should have a few small ones they can bring out or put away again depending on the in vogue style a 3ft one takes up the same space as a small child and you cant lock them up in a shed with out some one saying something so may be boys you should think Gnome smaller big showbiz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

While gnomes are suitable for many occasions, an extended list of choices seems to be the best bet to ensure wedding gift needs to be oh so careful in this situation.....I'm certain good taste will prevail....Dianne

Anonymous said...

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