Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Poo Watch ….

More uplifting and unbridled jubilation for Nigel …..
Poo watch.….. because after indefatigable due diligence of care and continual waterings …..
Grass head bear….. Nigel’s Poo Bear has sprouted another three “hairs” …. one to his ample shoulder area ……
poo watch..….. and another two to his right ear ….. another proud moment, with many more to come, all be it very, very slowly!


Mr.D said...

Soon "Poo" bear will need a haircut, just like Darrell. Will Zaks trip it?

Di said...

Mr D beat me to it! Think you can negotiate for a mahoosive discount though :) Hugs, D, Hank and Marvin xxx

marc said...

he will have to watch out for passing sheep or cows they could spot his hair and nosh on it big love marc

Anonymous said...

Wow! Poo is on a roll....Agree with everyone a haircut might be in order! it might help those sproutings thicken up....Dianne

Anonymous said...

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