Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Anyone for Chess?

017Adam the young and very congenial ICT boffin at work has a vintage mini which Darrell and Nigel very much admire …. and as such,  often visit it during their lunch hour to see what new improvements Adam has added to it ……
008….. although quite how happy and aforementioned congenial Adam would be when he finds out that they have been climbing all over his newly applied chequered graphics could be another story ….
playing chess on a mini…. especially if he gets wind of their suggestion that they could partake in most romantic games of giant chess or draughts on its roof after they have eaten their sandwiches when the weather gets warmer!
Adams mini….. Or Nigel’s desire to become a mascot and ride in a stunt daredevil type nature strapped to it’s bumper, like the mascots he has seen on the front of refuse trucks ….. just a bit posher and more up market!!
purple car diceIt really is a car that they both aspire too, fluffy,  purple dice included …..
mini 1…… however I am not too sure that the Motor Show type model poses they have tried to emulate whilst lounging in almost the London Style on the bonnet  are quite right somehow …….
we love adam's mini…… what are they like?


Mr.D said...

Nigel is very brave. I bet he would try wing walking too.

Anonymous said...

Car Love and it's temptations seem to be in full force with those two! London Lounging creates a great picture, but Nigel strapped to the from bumper is downright alarming! I don't think their fascination with this fab little car is going to go away..... Perhaps a nice car maintenance kit to get the car show ready would divert their attention......Dianne

Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys!
You do make me chuckle.
JantheFan x