Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Village Easter Fair–Not Rained Off This Year ….. Just Frozen To The Bone ……

It was sooooo cold on Easter Monday and from across the road at Castle Greysquirrel we couldn’t see or hear  the usual hustle and bustle of excitement when they close off the main road in the village and the Church’s Easter Fair takes over  ….. but since Nigel really wanted to go,  who was Darrell to deny him his traditional and simple Easter indulgence …..
Bilbrook RoadIt was sooooo sad …. and quiet …. as the Lady Wulfrun fair organ wasn’t there to blare out it’s musical throng, which we can always hear from our back garden …. and there was no fire engine from the nearby station for Nigel to all clamber over and ding it’s bell …..
vintage car There was Just Dean’s dad’s vintage car …..Dean being one of Tom the Scientist’s best friends from school and one of the honoured guests at Tom and the Lovely Laura’s impending nuptials.  Darrell did wonder if the Lovely Laura might like to consider arriving at the much anticipated wedding in such a vehicle ….. but if not,  it would certainly be most suitable for our arrival of an understated nature  ….. and said that he would make a few inquiries with the aforementioned Dean’s Dad.
Dora Loves BootsThere weren’t many of the usual stalls either, but Nigel did find a book that caught his fancy,  so 5p of his money was duly spent. They also bought copiously of homemade cake, which they ate as they went round  …..  and chanced their luck on the tombola, as Nigel had set his heart on winning the packet of Cadbury chocolate fingers with 115 on it,  but alas and aday, there were no 0’s or 5’s amongst their tickets, so no heady prize was triumphantly held aloft.
light a candle in churchTo be honest, the warmest place there was the church where Darrell and Nigel lit a candle for Andy and Granny Shelia….. remembering the excitement of last year (when it rained) and Darrell found and purchased a magnificent plastic plant specimen for Andy’s new fish tank from the White Elephant Stall …. oh happy days …..
flowers in church…… and Darrell admired the many very beautiful flower displays …. wondering if it was a hobby he could take up,  what with his artistic flair and affinity with all things flora and fauna!
worst easter since records beganDarrell and Nigel had another little wander round …. but even the allure of the ice cream van wasn’t enough to stop them finally scurrying home for a nice hot cup of tea and hob nob….
salvo's ices….. and to show me a couple of other considered purchases that they had made ……
word making and word taking game…… like a word making set for Nigel (50p) that he thought might help him get his b’s and d’s the right way round ….
vintage word gamemaking words
…… and Darrell’s 20p bargain feng shui cd that he thought might sooth my furrowed brow and calm my inner turmoil when the karmic balance of Castle Greysquirrel was occasionally tipped off balance by robust excitement or ensuing mayhem!!!  Many a true word is said in jest …..
feng shui music….. and I suspect that it may rapidly become my CD of choice as I feel that I will need to play it oft and at full volume to “sooth” my aforementioned and very furrowed brow living with those two!


Dianne said...

Perhaps this Fair will be remembered because it was the car.... vintage cars are wonderful for weddings! Darrell should be a natural at floral arranging and I know he would be a pioneer in floral creativity!! May not be the usual, but still some special Fair moments....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Shame about the weather, at least no-one got sunburned.
They have "Dora la exploradora" here, with her friend botas.
A vintage car would be great for the bride or, if not, maybe for a mum and some guest monkeys.

marc said...

even in the cold you had a good day cup of t and a hob nob sounds great to me big love marc