Monday, 1 July 2013

Nigel and Darrell Picket Our Local Hostelry!

It went very quiet yesterday afternoon and I didn’t have to be Piorot to know that Darrell and Nigel were up to something when they disappeared upstairs for ages.
Kangaroo burgersWhen they finally came down they looked very pleased with themselves,  both of them holding up a placard ….
Kangaroo burgers.It seems that Nigel hadn’t slept a wink last night knowing that they would be serving “Skippy Burgers” at our local hostelry over the road and had decided that robust action was called for and had coerced Darrell  into joining him in picketing “the joint”!
013Oh good grief ……Boycotting kangaroo burgersWhat are they like?


marc said...

Save pinkie and perky who can say were they are these days they could be in a hot dogs what about Ermentrude the cow were did she go after the magic roundabout in to a burger I expect not much work for a has been animal star mind you you still get to see gentle ben the bear every royal occasions his on the head of one of the guards ,and then there's lamb chop well lets just say she lived up to her name but don't get upset as that old time hyme says all things bright and beautiful all creature's great and small all things small and fluffy we get to eat them all
lol or something like that I am of to save parsley the lion and dill the dog before the vegetarian vegan mob get their hands on them save the world big love marc

Mr.D said...

Marc - an impressive list of television animals from times past. you could also include the annoying Basil Brush, the Blue Peter pets, including Shep and Petra. We also had Emu (including Rod Hull's arm), Hector minus his house, Zaza, Kiki, Dougal, Zebedee, Mungo, Midge, Paddington Bear, Rupert the Bear and Spotty Dog.
P.S. What have Rupert the Bear and Henry the Eighth got in common?

marc said...

I don't no Mr D what have those two famous peps got in common big its a mystery love marc
ps you to know your tv animals to Mr D

Anonymous said...

They couldn't turn their back on Skippy...just had to speak up!!...Dianne

Mr.D said...


Question. What have Rupert the Bear and Henry the Eighth got in common?

Answer. Same middle name!