Friday, 10 January 2014

A Message For Us All The Way From Romantic Florida

Darrell was in a complete state of flux when he checked our e-mails yesterday, as there was a very special one waiting for us, all the way from romantic and sunny Florida from our dear friend Christopher who emigrated there a couple of years ago after being very successfully adopted by our equally dear friend Dianne.
message from FloridaChristopher had e-mailed to wish us a Happy New Year and to thank us for his Christmas presents.
get-attachment (2)We have to say that the aforementioned romantic and sunny Florida really does suit Christopher, and Darrell was very envious of his glowing all American tan and extremely white teeth.
get-attachment (4)Christopher said that he loved all of his presents,  but he especially loved his Marmite keyring …… he said that although he had embraced the American way of life, he still had a hankering  for the spreading of Marmite on his toast in the morning, now and again …… peanut butter and jello was OK, but nothing, he said, really beats Marmite, as his savoury spread of choice! As Darrell so succinctly put it “You can take Christopher out of the UK , but you can’t take the Marmite hankering out of him!”
get-attachment (5)Christopher also included a picture of him after he had just finished the washing up on Christmas Day, showing us that the “typically English” tea towels we sent him last year were still going strong …. and were also a reminder of another great British delicacy, that he misses, bangers and mash …..  what he he like?  He is almost as fond of his tum as we are!!!  It was so lovely to hear from Christopher and we send a mahooooosive wave from across the pond to him ……. and have made a note to send him some “real” marmite comestibles in the near future to stave off his savoury pangs!


Anonymous said...

Boyz you are so cosmopolitan - I can feel a trip across the pond in the future. Christopher does look as if he has adapted to the USA lifestyle so well.
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Great from Christopher and Dianne.
I'm not sure if Florida has been sunny recently, with the polar vortex causing havoc. Hopefully the oranges ill be OK.

Anonymous said...

Wowee! What a treat and honour to have our pictures on Mum's Monkey! Christopher is excited and can hardly believe (definite rosy flush on his cheeks) he is on our favourite blog with his dear friends... I think we are going to be hearing about this nonstop! .... Christopher is a gentleman by nature and most proud of his British heritage and we are too....We thank you dear friends for this special honour....we aren't the best photographers, but are really happy you liked the pictures!.....Sending Love, Dianne and Christopher

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. worry; a little cold snap sweetens oranges......only a small fraction of groves left in Florida (land became too valuable; was sold for subdivisions) with most of the oranges grown only suitable for juice production. We buy our eating oranges from California or Spain!..Diannw

PS my husband worked for the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services-Division of Plant Industry for almost 23 years

marc said...

Christopher looks so dapper and we love the tree great to see him looking so well big showbiz wave Hugh and big love marc