Thursday, 2 January 2014

Celebrating Our 1st January 2014 Feeling For Just A Little Longer …..

014Yesterday,after a long and luxurious lie in, we didn’t much feel like coming down from our Italian New Year Celebrations, so we decided to prolong that devil may care, reckless  party feeling for just a little longer and put together a celebratory New Year spread!
016You will have no doubt noticed we availed ourselves of an ample sufficiency of red peppers and carrot battons, in the form of  crudité, as we most keen to continue to maintain our rigorous  5 a day regime into 2014  and beyond ……….
017 …….. but to make them a just that little bit more exciting and risqué, we served them up in our illuminated, dancing party bowls, as Darrell tells us,  is all de rigueur in London Lounging Society …… what is he like?
We are soooooo party!! However we do apologies for the "Most Haunted/Derek Acorah spirit coming through" type soundtrack to our very short but illustrative film, we had wanted "Agadoo" but something went very wrong in the mixing!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Great bowls.
You can see your food in the dark.
Can't see the video, unfortunately.

Mr.D said...

Now I can see the world's shortest yet informative video about dancing bowls.

Anonymous said...

Love having Darrell keeps us informed of all that is de rigueur in London Lounging else could we keep abreast of it all? ..Dancing party bowls do make the 5 a day an exciting treat!.....keep the party going!......Dianne

Anonymous said...

You boyz are just sooooooooo cool. JantheFan x

marc said...

they are just so but after a few tipple drinks they can make you dizzy which just adds to the party fun keep on rock hopping boys big love marc