Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Using Lethal Weapons As An Aid To Taking Pride In Ones Work …….

In the work environment a staple gun and a Stanley knife could be regarded, in untrained hands as a major Health and Safety issue ……. and as such, much professional training and robust psychological  evaluation should be carried out, before the issue of such tools.
But, in the hands of an artiste, they can produce things of great beauty!
Picture11I know this may sound very sad, but there is nothing that gives me more pleasure (at work) than a freshly  executed noticeboard!
Picture12However, such jobs have to be left until Nigel has finished his shift in the kitchen and is on his way home …… as aforementioned staple gun and Stanley knife are not the tools for a curious mind or those proffering enthusiastic assistance!!! 


Mr.D said...

Nigel can clamber round the freezer, checking the lollies, but near nothing too sharp, apart from some of Darrell's sharp clothes.

Anonymous said...

Really great looking noticeboard......beautifully done.....you must be a staple gun-Stanley knife expert and pro! Certainly not for amateurs or young monkeys who might require lots of first aid and bandages!......Dianne

Anonymous said...

It's good that Nigel is out of the way - I feared I would see him stapled to the notice board - heaven help us. JantheFan x