Saturday, 18 January 2014

Erm ….. Thank You Darrell

Yesterday, Darrell came home from one of his shopping trips in a complete state of flux ….. he had bought me a present ….. something, he said that  he I had always wanted …….
028To wit a leopard print TV snuggle blanket …… of which, I cannot ever remember making mench of …. or desiring ……
024However, not to seem ungrateful and under great pressure from Darrell I slipped it on …… to Darrell’s great pleasure and amidst much ohhhhing and ahhhhing.
022I can’t really say it really felt “me”, and, I have also to beg the question, what is it with Darrell and animal print at the moment? I think he may be spending far too much time Skyping with our friend Hugh, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill!  No doubt Hugh has told Darrell that this is the latest  de rigueur trend a la Londres, and that we need to embrace it  …. however, I have to admit by this stage, it was feeling rather cosy.
027Darrell also pointed out that the “snuggle” also has a pocket into which “….one can secrete ones remote control” …. now that is useful ….. especially when there is robust and heated debate about what we should watch in the evening!!!
032And then, Darrell decided to try the snuggle out for size too and put one of his arms through an armhole, followed by Nigel who climbed into the aforementioned remote control pocket ….. to create a weird, two headed, Bet Lynch-esque, marsupial type creature, sans legs!!!   What are we like???? 


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you could also hide a few hob nobs in that pocket - along with Nigel. Loving the look boyz! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

It does look snuggly and warm......leopard and tiger prints must now be Wolverhampton de rigueur as well as London's......zebra prints might be the next must have luxury! Those snuggle people thought of everything with that handy dandy pocket.....all in all, it does look perfect for London or Wolverhampton lounging!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Hopefully he doesn't decide to get leopard print leggings to go along with his rain hat.