Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Romantically Stormy Weather

Oh mon dieu, we just cannot believe the totally inclement weather we are experiencing at the moment. Darrell says it is undoubtedly down to a particularly virulent form of sun spot eruption or some other extra terrestrial influence of a very blustery and wet weather type nature.
blustery dayWe have taken to sitting upstairs and watching to see how long it takes for our large and very heavy ornamental palm pots to be blown over in the frequent storms. First thing in the morning Darrell puts them all upright after a squally night, and then we watch and time them.  Sometimes we even have a 5p bet on who can guess the time each one will topple!  What are we like?
blustery day and rain. UK jan 2014The robust wind can sound strangely romantic and all Wuthering Heights when you are all snug inside, and the tempest tossed seas must be a truly wonderful sight. It’s a pity Wolverhampton is famous for being landlocked …. because it’s a vista we would truly love to see, but only from a distance, not on a pier or promenade, that would just be plain foolhardy.
001And then, all of a sudden, the wind dies down, the rain stops …. and the  sun comes out, equally as romantic …. but in a kind of opposite way, sort of heart-warmingly and dreamily romantic rather than dramatically and heroically romantic!
January 2014 bad weather hits Uk However, we hope this weather doesn’t last for that much longer, we are back at work soon and don’t particularly relish waiting for the Banga bus in such precarious conditions!


Mr.D said...

Problem with wind? Bisodol may help.
Keep tight hold of Nigel when waiting for the Banga bus (sans George.) He may fly off a la Mary Poppins.

Anonymous said...

the weather is making headlines with record breaking drama so many places around the globe...Lucky you!.... your back garden is an ideal observation area for all this romantic drama..... it looks lovely all misty and wind blown....perfect weather for cozy time together!.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS Here in the US we are in the grip of a Polar Vortex creating all kinds of weather trouble.....dramatic, yes, but doesn't seem all that romantic!....Dianne