Monday, 27 January 2014

Celebrating Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day–27th January 2014

Today, we will be mostly partaking in the robustly satisfying activity of bubble wrap popping …….
………. in joyous celebration of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day …….
There will be rampant and unfettered popping off, if you’ll pardon the expression, chez Castle Greysquirel  for most of the day……
…… Darrell with his popping method of choice, avec le rolling pin to maximise his poppage pleasure.
…… while I quite like pricking mine with a fork, one bubble at a time…..
….. and Nigel, well, he is very partial to popping his as close to his ear as possible, so he can relish, he says, “Every nuance of each phut and putt!”
And then, there is always the unbridled delight of wrapping a more than willing Nigel up as tight as we can (within the bounds of Health and Safety) and rolling him ……all round the kitchen …………
……. in a wonderful flurry of bips and boffs!  What are we like? Happy Days!!


Mr.D said...

Bubble Wrap appreciation day - as thought of by the owner of a bubble wrap factory?
Looks like fun anyway but I'm not convinced by the Bubble Wrap dress on the link. No sitting down in that but you would float better if you fall in water.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the satisfying POP of those little bubbles! Nigel seems happy as a lark to be rolling around a la bubble wrap.......perhaps bubble wrap could be advertised as stress relieving fun for anyone or a party game(who could pop the most bubbles in 10 seconds)!.....Pop away....Dianne

marc said...

I made bubble wrap jackets in the early 90s they sold really well to clubbers but the would try and bring them back for a refund when they had popped them all lol you boys have ben having fun I have a big roll of the stuff when you come and se me you can pop all day big love marc

Wendy said...

Love love love this!

Anonymous said...

Well what a hoot! Loving it! I'm off to PoP! JantheFan x