Thursday, 9 January 2014

How Remiss Of Us ……..

We forgot to tell you in all the excitement of Christmas, we have now moved into our new office in the main school building after nine months in a demountables! 
007New Office..
I think Nigel is a little sad, because, as you know, he very much enjoyed dawdling over to us after his shift in the kitchen, his nose oft pressed against the railings watching the comings and goings of the various trucks and workmen and all the activities of a constructional type nature.  However the work is still very much on going, so I expect Nigel will soon adjust to a new dawdling routine!
  Shredder operativeshredder
Anyway, our office is very light and airy, but perhaps wouldn’t be considered as too romantic,  but we have settled in very quickly.  Darrell has a small cupboard to the side where his shredder has been relocated and he can also keep an eye on the paper levels in the photocopier and change the occasional toner.
Office shredderOffice printer
Our desks and computers have also come over with us,  some people have found that some of their fixtures and fittings had been mysteriously replaced with shoddier counterparts,  but fortunately we have managed to keep hold of ours. Darrell was very relieved about this, as he had inadvertently left a half eaten pack of Hobnobs, some throat sweets and a Twix in his, which he had thought might be be lost forever!computerI have portfolio for bus booking, it’s a challenging role which demands both good organisational and negotiative skills ………….
Bus Booker…… but also reaps ample reward in the shape of several free calendars at Christmas time, including “Coaches Throughout The Months”, “Wild Animals of Great Britain” or “National Trust Properties”!  Rich plunder indeed, which can then, of course be re-gifted!!!!!


Mr.D said...

I have never had a half finished packet of Hobnobs. I always end up finishing them in one go.

Anonymous said...

Phew - pleased you could hold onto your fixtures and fittings - the thought of you losing them gave me a bit of a turn.
In a former life one of my roles was organising taxis and minibuses. A demanding task if ever there was one! So you have my thoughts monkey as you deal with all of that.
Pleased however it reaps some other benefits.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Poor Nigel may be missing the builders and all that construction and large vehicle ambiance that he loved to keep an eye space but you all seem to be settled and quite at homehire.....all that moving upheaval will be forgotten in no time!....Dianne

marc said...

well its home and its what you make it and i am on mr Ds side a half pack what is that never heard of it big love marc