Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Darrell Un-Onsied ….

We are now back to work, which heralded a very  sad day for Darrell …..
……. as he had to finally extricate himself from his beloved onsie, I told him that in no uncertain terms that the powers would not allow him to wear such apparel……no matter how en trend or de rigueur it was, or that Father Christmas had left it for him.  Perhaps it might be permissible on the next  charity mufti day, but even then it might be deemed as the pushing boundaries!
There were a few robust sighs, and I think I detected a sob sniff or two, but I felt it best to ignore them.
To be honest it did need a good wash, and it isn’t as if he can’t change into it  after work and wear it all weekend, at his leisure, especially while partaking in a little languid Wolverhampton lounging. 
However, the way to work on the Banga bus, Darrell insisted on keeping his hood firmly up, a la onsie style, as he was adamant that having unfettered and cold ears after two weeks of ultimate cosiness had to be acclimatized to ……what is he like? 


Mr.D said...

Poor Darrell but I'm sure Hugh doesn't wear the same clothes all day, every day, when he is on trend in London.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Darrell on the hood - Santa left me a long fleecy, snuggly, dressing gown with a hood - bliss, pure bliss. Trouble is I can't hear anything if I have the hood up - but boy is it nice and warm.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is one of those parting is such sweet sorrow sorts.....but Darrell needn't worry, a good wash and spin and his beloved onsie will be waiting for the appropriate occasion or weekend lounging! He's looking cuddly warm with his hood up......Dianne

marc said...

MR D is right my little angel cake one must put things away and wear them when the time is right you can wear it when you come to stay at night and who knows it could be vintage by next year if you ask me its one of those iteams your always wear to snuggle up in and watch tv no matter if its in or out like my kaftan collection from those giddy arabian nights of the 70s o what joy to float around in them when one is alone or feeeeling like a lift me up of comfort big show biz wave and a masivo air kiss Hugh