Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nigel, Back On Sauce Rotation

Nigel is now firmly ensconced back in the kitchen, however whilst applauding his initiative as regards to his protective work and safety wear ……
……. The Cook Lady has suggested that though his helmet assures him a certain protection and safe passage when under the intensity of the heat lamps on the serving hatch and when delving in the dark recesses of the ice-cream freezer, they are not really necessary for sauce rotation, so perhaps he could temper it just a little.
And …. talking about sauce rotation, the kitchen is presently trialling a new tomato ketchup which Nigel is monitoring with all due diligence. So far, he says “Up take” of this new variety “….. is very encouraging”
However, not so encouraging is the state of the sugar, caused by the putting back of the spoon after tea/coffee stirrage ….. causing the formation lumps and discolourage.  I feel sure that Nigel will be putting forward a most robust argument for the introduction of sugar sachets in the next day or two if the problem continues!


Mr.D said...

Sachets or one of those pouring sugar dispensers that Dianne probably sees in her neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Just shocking the goings on in the tea/coffee cups. I'm with Nigel on the robust argument for the sugar sachets - but then you will then probably have the empty paper strewn across the floor. Ho Hum - one can never win. JantheFan x
p.s. Nigel you just look toooooo cute in that hard hat!

Anonymous said...

With Nigel on the job all this will be sorted out: ketchup and sugar.....I know he will have a scathingly brilliant idea on the sugar front.....Mr.D, I think most places use sugar packets these days with sugar shakers mostly associated with a diner type restaurant....not sure what the super posh restaurants use, probably a traditional sugar bowl with a sugar shell or sugar cubes and tongs! .....Dianne