Friday, 3 January 2014

A Very Smart Start To The New Year For Nigel

Although Nigel has loved wearing his Christmas Tree jumper,  it wasn’t the easiest of festive apparel for him to wear, bless him, it was rather long and he was quite prone to tripping over the hem….
small frys outfit…. and to be honest seeing a small mobile Christmas Tree toddling round both at work and at home has been a little disconcerting!
get your kit offSo there was robust excitement when Nigel decided to put Christmas behind him and change into one of his new outfits from our dear friends Dianne, Doug and Christopher in Florida, especially as Nigel has fancied himself in a puffa jacket for ages.
small frys outfit for NigelIt fitted him perfectly, and I have to say that the little fella looked very, very cute in it indeed.
small frys outfit.Primark tiger onsie
I had hoped that seeing Nigel looking so resplendent in more “normal” attire might persuade Darrell to perhaps divest himself of his onsie (during the daytime at least)  ….
Tiger onsie newborn PrimarkHowever, he is having none of it …… There is no way he will be able to wear it once we are back at work, I fear that I shall have to cut him out of it in the dead of night!!!  I blame Father Christmas!


Mr.D said...

Nigel looks great - well done to Dianne, Doug and Christopher.
Maybe the powers that be at work will consider Darrell's outfit to be inappropriate in a school environment and have a word that it is best left to Wolverhampton and London lounging.

Anonymous said...

They both look tooooooooo darn cute! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Hooray Hooray!! the puffy outfit made dear Nigel happy! Good Golly Miss Molly, he looks adorable! I was worried about choosing outfits he would like.....He truly was a martyr to the festive season with his tree outfit...but he was a star and the cutest tree ever........Being a trend setter like Darrell isn't easy, so much to consider.....can't wait to see what he wants next; keeping up with Darrell is fascinating since he has his finger on the fashion pulse, so to speak......Love to all, Dianne