Sunday, 19 January 2014

Burns Night At Lunchtime

Nigel is VERY excited, and has been beseeching us to partake in the Burns Night that the kitchen is putting on at lunchtime on the 24th January. Yes, we are very confused by the time and the date too, but don’t like to question Nigel too much, for fear of confusing him too!
Now,  Darrell and I pride ourselves on our cosmopolitan and adventurous tastes and palates ……..
…… but are we ready for cock a leekie casserole, cullen skink, and creamy clap shot with roasted roots … with cranachan for afters?  It sounds more like a Bushtucker Trail to us than a celebration of the great poets life and poetry!!!   We shall see ……


Mr.D said...

I'm not sure the young ladies would want either a roasted root or a shot of creamy clap.
Best not tell them a skink is a type of lizard. Maybe Dianne has them near her in Florida.
We have lizards on our house wall - on the outside.

Anonymous said...

Is Wolverhampton ready for this I ask myself??? Keep me a seat because I am - bring it on! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr.D, we have an endless variety of lizards; just about everything but monitor lizards (Komodo dragons)! I think Nigel might like all the little chameleons that are everywhere....that is a menu for those who appreciate gastronomic adventures ...I have no experience whatsoever with them but even here in the colonies I have heard of cock a leekie! I know your palates are in for a treat and soon Darrell might be in the kitchen creating his own version of them!.....Dianne