Saturday, 11 January 2014

One Celebrity Big Brother Tooooooooo Far!

Oh dear, what promised so much just over a week ago has descended into our televisual nightmare!  Unfortunately, the antiques antics of certain characters in this years Celebrity Big Brother has caused us to choke robustly on our Christmas Quality Street and salted popcorn, resulting, sadly, in the withdrawal our patronage!
We have felt it best to close the door on it all as it were, and instead occupy our evenings with good, honest and robust debate and convivial conversation round the kitchen table, and rearrange the following words ….. thunder  the, alley, morals, cats, of !!!!!!!!!
If we were said celebrities in the Big Brother House we would try to bring fun, laughter, Darrell’s cooking and perhaps a little product placement of a confectionary type nature to the proceedings …..
…….. but certainly not rampant and salacious canooooodlings …… it’s just soooooo non de rigueur!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to take a stand and say "No way!" Painful but necessary when the line of good taste and, or, fair play is violated. Castle Greysquirrel absolutely leads the way when it comes to good times and the good life......Big Brother House obviously has much to learn!.....Dianne

PS wondering which product placement you would choose

Mr.D said...

I assume it was antiques in the bedroom - maybe a very old highboy or an ancient chiffonier. What about an armoire or a chifforobe for one's smalls.
Not appropriate for monkeys such as young Nigel.

Anonymous said...

You do right Boyz - such goings on made me wince. Some people just NEVER grow up!!!!!!!!! JantheFan x