Sunday, 5 January 2014

Darrell, At One With Nature?

Darrell has hardly taken off his tiger onsie since he unwrapped it on Christmas morning …… even when we went over to the Lovely Laura’s mum and dad’s house for lunch, he was still very tightly enveloped within it ……… by which hangs a “fluffy” tail …..
Christmas Cracker pulling TwinkleTom and The Lovely Laura have taken in a cat, a cat called Jupiter, and had bought him with them for Christmas, to stay at the said Lovely Laura’s mum and dad’s house for Christmas …… and Darrell one hearing the news was very keen to make Jupiter’s acquaintance …….
teasing putty cat...……although I am not so sure that Jupiter was as keen……..  Putty Tat teasing …… on making Darrell’s acquaintance!
putty tatLeave that cat alone
Darrell proclaimed that in his onsie he sort of felt at one with Jupiter ……. being two “cats” together …… goodness only know what he was going on about, too much sherry in the Lovely Laura’s mum’s trifle I suspect!  I told him, I said ….  “Darrell, wearing a tiger onsie doesn’t make one in any shape or form anything like a cat !!!!” What is he like?
tiger v tigerHowever, Darrell was having none of it, wondering  if Jupiter on seeing him looking a suitably stupid feline, would feel a connection or affinity with him …..
darrell plays with a putty tatSometimes I absolutely despair!


Anonymous said...

Who knows what goes on in the mind of a cat - maybe Darrell does have a sixth sense - who are we to argue with him. Handsome cat - and Darrell of course! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Maybe Darrell thinks he is a little big cat.
Jupiter probably thinks Darrell is on another planet.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Darrell is on a tiger/cat simpatico trip to Jupiter and those of us on earth can only marvel at his adventurous spirit! Does this mean as of now he will only eat cat food? I suspect facing a bowl of cat food will snap Darrell right back to reality!......Jupiter doesn't seem phased by this new tiger/cat......Dianne

Anonymous said...

Jupiter used to be my cat before he went to live with the lovely Laura and scientist Tom, Jupiter was probably awestruck as he used to sit on my lap while I read mums monkey. Darrell he loves a nice stroke under his chin and a good monkey or tiger cuddle usually goes down a treat. Lovely Laura and scientist Tom's ex neighbour Emma. Xxx