Monday, 6 January 2014

Hey Ho, Hey Ho, It’s Back To Work We Go …

Well,  that’s the Christmas break over and done with, and we are alas preparing to go back to work …… but much as we love it, we never seem to be able to sleep properly the night before the big return ….. and then, once we are back, it’s like we’ve never been away.
So Darrell, who’s latest toy is his slow cooker, decided that to christen his new pot, he would prepare us a momentous lamb shank casserole, nom, nom, nom, for when we get back from our first day …. “Something warming, something robustly comforting and something substantially satisfying and hopefully very delicious…. all in one pot!” he declared.
“Perhaps, this time next year you’ll be a celebrity chef!” said Nigel “And cooking in your onsie will be your gimmick!  They could call it Tiger’s Cook In One!”,  which for Nigel was rather clever ……
…… what is he like?


Anonymous said...

Darrell knows his stuff....Looks like the perfect menu for a winter day......that tiger onsie is perfect for winter, but come warm weather, Darrell might have to find a new favourite! Always nice to get back to you own comfortable groove....Dianne

Mr.D said...

That food looks great. I wonder how the tiger clothing will go down at work.