Monday, 20 January 2014

We Are So Honoured And So Very Fortunate!

We’ve had a couple of enquiries about the badge Nigel has been wearing since Christmas on his new puffa jacket ….
….. well, it was a present from The Equally Lovely Denise (the Lovely Laura’s mum) and is the “official” badge of the Morris Dancing Club, that aforementioned Equally Lovely Denise is a member of, to wit The Ironmen and Severn Gilders Morris Club,  and of which we are now unofficial “official” members.
We all have a badge and from this day forward we will wear them with the utmost of pride, with or without our Morris Dancers hats ….. which were also presents from the much aforementioned Equally Lovely and Talented Denise.
But there’s more ……. because The Equally Lovely and Talented Denise is also The Equally Lovely, Talented and Very Kind Denise, because she especially commissioned us a Roses and Castles/Canal Art badge each, with our names on.  How WONDERFUL is that?
They are totally exquisite and we are very robustly touched by the thought, and will also wear them with great pride.
Nigel’s badge is a little big for him to wear on a daily basis, however Darrell, our resident Gok Wan, has told Nigel that it would be seen as tres en trend and de rigueur in Morris Dancing circles to wear his at a jaunty angle on his Morris Dancers hat. 
What is he like and how does he know that?????? Anyway, “Thank you” Equally Lovely, Talented and Very Kind Denise, we love them xxxx


Anonymous said...

What splendid colours in your blog today boyzs! A splendid change for the dull winter. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

What special treasures the Lovely Denise has presented to you! The hats are gorgeous and look wonderful......Lucky you, the art badges are so beautiful! ......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Nigel's huge badge (relative to him) could almost serve to keep him out of the rain too.