Friday, 17 January 2014

Breakfast Is Served

Nigel is most anxious that we let everyone know that free porridge is being offered between 8.20am and 8.40am in the kitchen to promote it’s new breakfast initiative …… He says it’s “Rich, thick, robustly hearty, and nomtastic!” and  “…. well off our Richter Scale of Noms!”
However, despite Nigel’s most excellent promotional skills, to wit  being seen sat sitting at the breakfast table each morning, chowing down with several very enormous bowls of (free) porridge, nomming like there is no tomorrow, The Cook Lady has decided to ration Nigel’s intact to just one medium bowl per breakfast ….. thus leaving just a little for the students to avail themselves of!  What is he like?


Anonymous said...

Oh Nigel I'm with you on the porridge - and it's free??? - Might have to come and pay a visit. I have to have mine with banana and a squirt of honey though - and dare I say if I have any - a touch of single cream??? Heaven in a bowl.
Jan - theGoldiocks - Fan x

Anonymous said...

You can always count on dear Nigel to do his very best and go above and beyond......he's a porridge eating powerhouse!.......Dianne

Mr.D said...

They should put a "nom rating" on the menu. That would make things huge sellers.
Porridge is great. I eat porridge in the mornings too, after years of corned beef sandwiches. You can't get corned beef here in Mexico. I was able to buy it in Abu Dhabi but not in Kazakhstan.