Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Nigel, Promoter Extraordinaire!

porridge 2
The free porridge promotion in the kitchen is going down very well, with Nigel making it his “mission” that everyone should avail themselves of one small bowlful, even though it might not be their breakfast of choice, just to say that they have given it a try …….
…… and so, as the self appointed “Face of Porridge”,  he has taken to popping into the various offices in the morning with samples!
porridge 3
Yesterday it was my turn for “Nigel’s Daily Delivery of Deliciousness” as he calls it, and as I tucked in he didn’t take his eyes off me for a second, until I had finished every single morsel, waiting for my considered opinion ……
Porrige 4
…… which naturally was “Nom, nom, nom”. It was indeed most delicious …… and I couldn’t help myself ….. I just had to ask “Please sir, could I have some more?”
All gone  5
His little face was an absolute picture ……. as  he went scurrying off back to the kitchen to see if there were any seconds!
Porridge Oats
….. he had made another conversion and his raison d’etre was complete!”


Anonymous said...

I know what is on my breakfast menu tomorrow morning! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

More is good.
What about adding something to it? Berries are great.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nigel is the perfect Ambassador for this nutritious breakfast with his Daily Delivery of Deliciousness! His dedication to all things kitchen connected is worthy of the highest praise and who can resist Nigel when he is on a mission?......Excellent job, Nigel!......Dianne

Di said...

Aw bless his little cotton socks. I misjudged and thought Nigel was waiting to see if any would be left in the bowl for him to polish off :)

Hugs, Di xx