Saturday, 24 January 2015

An Unexpected Tea Time Bonus Treat For Nigel and I!

Yesterday, Darrell was invited to afternoon tea by one of his ladies what lunches …….
……… but who fancied a spot of afternoon tea instead!!!
Now, Darrell generally prides himself on having an appetite of a particularly robust type nature, but even he was a little taken aback, as this was an afternoon tea that just kept on giving!
There were hot and cold savouries, assorted sandwiches with the most romantic fillings, as well as dainty crisps, coleslaw and tiny hot sausages pieces, he said, served in the most wonderful spicy sauce.
And the cakes …… poor Darrell….. there a choice of such full and ample sufficiency, that it made his mind reel and a considered decision almost impossible! Plus, there were mahooooooosive scones with cream and mini meringues also included, all served on a mixture of vintage plates and as many pots of tea as Darrell and his lady friend could sip from dainty mis-matched cups and saucers.
After a most valiant effort of much nomming Darrell had to admit to being well and truly defeated and apologising profusely had to ask if it it would be possible to have perhaps a doggy bag, or two, or three  …….
…… as he knew two people who would greatly appreciate what he couldn’t manage…..
…….. to wit Nigel and my good self!!
Let’s just say “the nomming was thronging” throughout Castle Greyskull ……when Darrell began to open his boxes and profer his comestible leftovers.
And, Darrell noted in his little black book that his afternoon rendezvous might also be a most excellent place to entertain Hugh on his next State Visit ……..
…… as Hugh is exceedingly partial to a well filled finger sandwich and muffin combo …… accompanied by an Oreo milkshake!


Mr.D said...

Looks superb.
Mouth watering again.
Careful. "…….. to wit Nigel and my good self!!" if read quickly, out loud, could easily be mistaken for "twit Nigel and my good self."

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful invitation!......sooo much gorgeous deliciousness one can barely believe it and take it all in! .....would be a huge temptation to overeat, but ever so politely, of course.....this is what can be called a fortuitous occasion.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh boyz - you keep doing this to me - I'm drooling! Send me a doggy box now!!! I'll throw a whoooely trantrum if you don't - and it's not a pretty sight. Love the name of the cafe! I'm catching the next train down. JantheFan x