Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Don’t Push It Nigel!

One night in a Holiday Inn, a returning suitcase containing a few “acquired” souvenirs of choice ……………… and Nigel is trying his luck ……
I have told him in no uncertain terms that breakfast will be available at the  the kitchen table as per usual chez Castle Greysquirrell………
He can sit up in bed in an expectant type nature ‘till the cows come home,…because breakfast in bed just aint happening!!!  And when he does eventually come down, he may well find he’s missed out completely, as I might have already cleared the table away!!!  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Nice try Nigel.
How about taking your bed to the kitchen table and sleeping there?
Failing that, how about trying for breakfast in bed on
a) days with a "y" in it
b) Sundays ans bank holidays
c) your birthday - try claiming more than one a year. If its good enough for her Maj the Queen, you could have one a month.

Anonymous said...

I do this often Nigel - but alas I end up at the breakfast table too! the world is a wicked place - no kindness anymore - I blame K.H. in the CBB house myself. She is corrupting a nation. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, we can see Nigel has set his sights on the life of luxury! .....I assume gently whiling away the morning in bed will probably be the next step in this life of luxury ......DREAM LARGE , little one, but alas! reality might be waiting just outside the bedroom door!....Love, Dianne