Sunday, 18 January 2015

So Wrong Yet So Right …..

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take Nigel to Ikea for tea ….. I needed a few things of their frozen comestibles to stock up the freezer …… and to be honest, I have also been suffering from an intense hankering for a plate of their meatballs, chips and gravy all week …… and this was a perfect excuse to indulge .
Tomato sauce and gravy should be soooooooo wrong, but on a Saturday afternoon it felt so right and though not normally one to nom quite so robustly in a public place, I couldn’t help myself ….. it hit all the right spots!
And I think it hit all Nigel’s spots too, so absorbed were we that we forgot to take any proper photos ….. what are we like?  Needless to say, we left nothing for Mr Manners …..
…….. and Nigel had to find an Ikea bed on which to recover for five minutes or so!!! Nom nom nom!!


Mr.D said...

That meatball looks the same size as Nigel's head.

Anonymous said...

Must pop along to our Ikea and try out their meatballs! The things you make me do boyz - it is torture! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Love Ikea...but it can turn into an all day adventure that requires a great deal of stamina!! It all looks so delicious...Love those chips (one of my weaknesses)......looks like my favourite kind of worthwhile Ikea trip!..... Dianne PS Yesterday watched Mary Berry and all on The Great British Bake Off..... love baked goods and that show makes me head for whatever is in the pantry (yesterday was fancy breads... they looked soooo good).

marc said...

those bambi balls are ricks fav to but he is all ikeaed out as he has spent so much time in them over the last month getting accessories for stands ect but the bambi balls call big love marc ps i by the sauce mix which i do at home with veggie balls very nice it is to big love marc