Friday, 2 January 2015

January 1st 2015–The Lost Day

I am afraid that we lost a day yesterday, but lesson learned, we will ever never again mix our UmBongos with Vimto, as it proved to be a most robust and heady concoction, especially after the couple of Cobras we had with our meal, plus the “snifter” at Granddad Colin’s …… hence, I suspect, the loss of a day!!!
I can remember coming back from Granddad Colin’s and my going into the kitchen to prepare said cocktail mix, with straws and a cherry on a stick as it was a special occasion. 
Then, I think we caught a bit of Queen (the group, not our favourite royal family member of choice), in concert , when I think I remember Darrell sighing deeply and going all whimsical, saying how much he’d love to see Queen (the group, not our favourite royal family member of choice), in real life, before he and Nigel broke into their own rousing rendition of Crazy Little Thing Called Love …… which still sounded absolutely diabolical, despite my semi anesthetised  UmBongo and Vimto haze!
At twelve Big Ben bonged and about twenty minutes of fireworks ensued, but whether they were suitably romantic or not I don’t seem to be able to recall.
I think we all then embraced ……….
…….. and sang the parts of auld lang syne that we could remember, mainly the “for auld lang syne my dear” and the uppy and downy arm bit.
But then, the next thing I remember is waking up on the settee, all of us wrapped tightly in a blanket, Darrell draped very tightly round me and one of Nigel’s arms digging into my stomach,  ……….
……… and Ideal World blaring on the tele,
I just hope I didn’t order anything incredibly silly, like ceramic pans or a Nutribullet blender in my stupor.  as my credit card was for some bizarre reason sitting beside my phone on the occasional table  ………
I promise, normal service will be resumed by tomorrow and if Darrell sent any inappropriate Tweets during our revelries I can only apologise on his behalf!


Mr.D said...

Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo.
Vimto, Vimto, they drink it in the Arabian Peninsula - true but it doesn't have the same ring to it.
Sounds like a dangerous concoction. In Mexico, they drink mezcal, which is also loony juice.

Anonymous said...

It all does seem to be a misty memory.......but a happy and wondering sort of haze seems to prevail....ummmmm, can't help but wonder about the credit card all may be the proud owners of a fantastic new gadget guaranteed to make life better.......just in case, best to be on the lookout for a delivery ....... Dianne