Sunday, 25 January 2015

Darrell and Nigel See Queen and Adam Lambert

From all accounts Darrell and Nigel’s long felt want to see Queen and Adam Lambert in Birmingham with overnight stay at the Holiday Inn was a wonderful and at times MOST emotional occasion
IMG_20150123_190650  …….. they arrived home yesterday afternoon in a very tired (and the aforementioned emotional)state ...... but starkly lacking in any of our usual meticulous and robust photographic evidence!!!
2015-01-23 19.07.17According to a very disappointed Darrell, it was a total, malfunctional digital breakdown of ridiculous proportion, that just seem to conspire again us …. the first being that he found that “someone” had omitted to put the memory card back in the camera after downloading, other less important pictures.
2015-01-23 19.09.16 (2)However,  not wishing to be defeatist,  he and Nigel thought that at least they had their the cameras on their phones, as back up, or so they thought ……. but due to other weird and spooky factors beyond their control, both their phones went into melt down …. and battery power of both seemed to deplete in seconds, within minutes of each other!!!  In all our time of globetrotting, home and abroad this combination of disasters has never happened to us, but a trip to Brum just defeated them!
2015-01-23 19.09.09And, to make things worse, neither of them packed their phone charger (after all, they were barely away from home for 24hrs so who thought they would need them?  So obviously, now, they have nothing to show of their hotel stay, shopping expedition, trip to the new Birmingham Library or the many considered snacks and meals they nommed ………!!!
IMG_20150123_233146Unless you include their midnight feast of a family pack of Nik Naks après concert ……
IMG_20150123_233158 (1)Still, as a said, very emotional Darrell mused, all the music and pictures are firmly in his head and will remain there for always, he didn’t need photos  …… he had seen Queen ……. he had sung with unfettered gusto along to every single song and his air clapping to Radio Gaga, according to Nigel was “memorable” ……


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear! :( But never mind - the pics still looked good to me! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

AAAAHHH----the best laid plans experience is that on some days, if it can go awry, it will!.....but if every moment of this fantastic night lives in your memory, that's the best of all.......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Never mind - at least you have the memories.