Friday, 9 January 2015

Nigel On The Town, In Birmingham, With Or Without Hugh!

Although Hugh, who lives La Vida Showbiz in Notting Hill was originally Darrell’s best friend and mentor,  since his state visit to Wolverhampton in the summer, he has also taken Nigel very much under his wing, Nigel having developed something of a man crush on Hugh during said summer!
So yesterday, which was very fortuitously Nigel’s half day, Hugh called, out of the blue, to ask if Nigel would like to spend a little quality time with him while he was “dans Birmingham” he had tickets for a show …. and they could do “zee hanging around togezzzer, doing zee boys stuff, but in zee incognitoy way …….”
…….as Hugh was having a teensy weensy bit of work done on his ermmmmm “zzzoweels and zee petit laughter lines”  (hence the absence of any pictures of Hugh), and “zee paps” wouldn’t think to look for him in Birmingham.  He had booked a central penthouse suite and Nigel was to make himself at home, while Hugh, was out having said ermmmm nip and tuck………
However, Hugh hadn’t anticipated the discomfort he sadly found himself in upon his return to the hotel and was sadly forced to take to his bed …….
………… telling Nigel that he could avail himself of his gold plated, Platinum Card, as small recompense for Hugh not being around as had first been anticipated! And bless him, Nigel only splashed out some posh jelly beans and a packet of super hero stickers ……..
……. oh,  and a posh coffee, despite all the many glamorous temptations!


Mr.D said...

Looks like a great time was had by all.
Gold plated platinum card. Is that better than a platinum plated gold card?

Mr.D said...
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Anonymous said...

For Nigel this is an amazing gift of the wish upon a star type! .... his credit card restraint is a testament to all that makes him the one and only Dear Nigel.... Poor Hugh....he is so brave and dedicated to endure the tribulations of fame and celebrity.... wonder how the ageless Simon C. manages his "refreshing" episodes....Hugh does know how to cope beautifully and with style! ......Dianne

marc said...

he is such a darling of a poppet and i could not bear to see his small face crumple and see the tears in his eyes itwas like E,T Bambi and Lassie all rolled in to one so giving him ones little card of joy was the best i could do bless his pure little heart he has a lot to learn about shopping big show biz wave but alas no air kiss as one must not move ones head or dare i say face Hugh