Thursday, 15 January 2015

Some Enchanted Morning

We opened the front door this morning to be greeted by a a very thin smattering of snow ……  but layer not thick not enough to be regarded as even vaguely romantic ….
However it was enough to get Nigel excited, and hanging round the phone praying for a call from the school snow line to say that school would be closed today due to robustly treacherous conditions …… and then wondering about the possibility of building a snowman, an igloo and an ample sufficiency of  snowballs  with which to pelt Darrell!
Well ….. none of them happened!!!!  It was business as usual …..
….. but with an extra vest and pair of socks on!
Darrell, though he much embraced Nigel’s effervescent, buoyant enthusiasm,  said that he had to admit that waiting at the bus stop on a cold, snow sprinkled morning,  when you have to go to work didn’t really hold much mystic for him ……
…… though he could appreciate a snowy roof  and the ebbing remains of a wintery moon ….. but only, when push came to shove!!! Brrrrrrrrrr


Anonymous said...

A wintery moon and a light dusting of snow does sound romantic, but the reality early in the cold morning when starting out for work is a whole different picture...... bundle up and keep warm..... Dianne

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm not with Nigel and his snow vision today. :( Snow to go as far as I'm concerned. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...
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Mr.D said...

I like snow but a smattering of the stuff and a day off?
When I was working in Kazakhstan it was -47°C and the students still had to go to school. There was a five minute walk from the bus stop too.
If you breathed in through your nose, stuff (to put it politely) froze in there. Brrr.