Monday, 12 January 2015

Nigel’s Thank You Is Thwarted!

I came home to find Nigel sitting at the kitchen table in quite an upset state ….. he had wanted to buy Hugh and Mellors a small present as a Thank You for his lovely Birmingham weekend ….. and had decided upon the gift of socks ……..
……. but, when he got to the sock department in his shop of choice, all the socks said “one size” ….. and no where on the label or on any of the racks did it say what size “one size” was ….. so he wasn’t sure if they would be the right size for Hugh and Mellors, and was too embarrassed to ask an assistant what size “one size” was, and poor Nigel had returned home empty handed.  I tried not to smile too much, and promised Nigel that I would take him to buy some said socks after work tomorrow …. assuring him that “one size” would be perfect, and that it would be more the choice of pattern and colour that might have him musing!!!


Mr.D said...

One size fits all? From the tiniest baby to a giant of a man with size 15 feet? I don't think so.

Nigel is right to be sceptical.

Anonymous said...

Shopping can be so confusing--- size, colour, pattern.....but his kind thoughtfulness will make his choice perfect and much appreciated by Hugh and Mellors!..... Dianne