Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Time To Demolish Our Rocky Road House

We all finally decided that it was finally time to dismember demolish our carefully crafted Rocky Road House as we feared if we left it much longer it would be in grave danger of becoming stale and that would be a terrible waste of good food.
Therefore, how to take it apart was the subject of much debate, none of which was excessively heated. In the end we all came to the  conclusion that we should just give it a robust thwack with the rolling pin ……
…….. however, testament to Darrell and Nigel’s skills of a chocolate construction type nature, the house did not yield up its pleasures to us willingly ……..
…….. and so it took several aforementioned robust thwacks and a couple of devil may care plunges with a carving knife before it began to crumble.
And how did it taste? Absolutely, wonderfully delicious, worthy of 10 out of 9 noms on our Richter Scale of Rocky Road House Noms! But once demolished there seemed to be an awful lot of house to work our way through.
So, after consuming a very ample sufficiency each, we decided that we should all take a piece in our lunchboxes each day until it is gone …… which looking at the mahoooosive pile of “rubble” we have left, we could be nomming almost to the end of January!  Oh joyous days!!! 


Mr.D said...

Well done. It looks delicious. It wouldn't last a month in our house.

What is rocky and road-like about Rocky Road? I'm not sure I actually know what Rocky Road is - I have a suspicion it is an ice cream flavour. But then it would have melted and never made it as a house.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, you did such a good job construction-wise, deconstruction isn't all that easy.......so worth all the work; it was beautiful and now delicious, how great is that? .....in the US, the most popular Rocky Road is ice cream , but you can also have cookies (biscuits) or candy called Rocky Road ...... basically it is chocolate with chunky nuts and marshmallow added....it is very rich; have eaten Rocky Road ice cream many times!.....enjoy....Dianne

PE Lady said...

PLEASE save me a piece!!!!