Saturday, 10 January 2015

Nigel, Laughter, Indiscrete Showbiz Tales And The Queen Of All Drama Queens

Sadly, after his “Non-aggravated Nano surgery”, Hugh said that he didn’t feel quite well enough to take the Birmingham night airs with Nigel. Sunglasses and a Mr Bump plaster on each side of his temples was not a good look for the theatre, even for Hugh,  who, I have to admit can carry most things off, but, he just wasn’t his usual buoyant self, “Ahh Nigelle,  I am soooo sorry, I feel not quite right in myself, my bon viveur, it ‘as gone all poufffff and left me. I sink I ‘ave zee mal de mer, no?” So, he gave his driver Mellors the night off and let him go and see Ross Noble with Nigel … ……. with enough money for a programme and a bag of fruit pastilles each to go in with and a choc ice and orange Kia Ora for the interval.
Nigel said that he and Mellors had a really, really good time, they laughed hysterically all night, and then on the way home, Mellors had Nigel spell bound with all the famous people he had had in the back of his executive limousine before working for Hugh ….. but obviously Nigel was too discrete to divulge who …. but one, was his most favourite Loose Woman!!!!!!!
When he got back, Nigel told Hugh all about his favourite bits of the show and how Mellors was almost as funny, on the way back, as Ross Noble ……. and then laughed even more because it was funny lying in bed talking to someone who was propped up in bed with goodness know how many pillows, wearing shiny pink silk pyjamas, mahoooooosive sunglasses and even more Mr Bump plasters than he had on when Nigel left, sipping his room service Horlicks through a straw.  There are Drama Queens and Drama Queens thought Nigel, but Hugh was almost certainly Queen of them all!!!


Mr.D said...

Hugh lives the big life in old London town.
I'm sure everyone who meets him, remembers him.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, poor Hugh....mal de mer...on land......lucky Nigel is having a high old time! ......Nigel must know plenty after getting an earful from Mellors..... sounds like an all around great evening that was fun beginning to end!....Dianne

marc said...

That Mellors is such a one he can talk for England but with moi he is sworn to secrecy and would never revel my secrets to those who would try to get information from him he is dedicated to me but i did let him gossip to entertain the little one i am so glad they had a great time i my self have suffered beyond what mere men should i have been a Marta and not once complained or mentioned my pain and if that P A of mine marc says any different take no notice big show biz wave and a small air kiss for my lips are still so tender Hugh ..........Lets just say its been 24 7 me poor me o me why me i need even more than normal big worn out neeed some sleep marc